Monday, March 21, 2011

Gnomes in the gnews

After that romp through female fantasy gnomepunk, let's take a bracing dip into the real world - such as it is. This week, we will be featuring gnomes either as they appear in the wider pop culture or in artifacts that you can actually own.

Let's kick it off with an Unsolved Mystery, as Robert Stack would call it:

Bigfoot with a gnome hat? Gnomefoot? According to 5 Magazine, this fellow was caught on film in the town of General Guemes, Argentina. After a bunch of fisherman heard noises and filmed this figure, they were "really afraid." As matter of fact, as word spread and more sightings were reported, the entire town was "covered in a pall of fear." Because, as we all know, gnomes are as scary as hell.

That's gnomepunk.

The 5 Magazine website reported this story.

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